I have finished two new pieces I wanted to share with you.  HELIX NEBULA is the second in my series “COSMOS”, all done with powders and ground glass.  It’s a real eye-popper, and as soon as I get the frame made for that and my first piece in the series (CALORIS BASIN) I’ll post them for sale but I wanted to share the photo with you first.

The second piece “FIREGLASS BOWL” is something new I created with the tempered glass currently being used in fireplaces.  It’s a bit difficult to work with, being so “hard”, but I’m managing to create some nice bowls that keep the gorgeous texture of the glass while allowing the bowls to act as “sieves” – perfect for fruit.  I can see this filled with luscious grapes.  I’ve already posted it for sale in the fine-art category, because it’s just more than tableware.