For the past few years I have devoted myself to creating a project that tells my story as a Holocaust Survivor and memorializes the lives of my parents, Joseph and Rose Horowitz by telling of their “broken” lives.  Although I have ached to tell this story for many years, it was only my journey in the world of fused glass that gave me a vehicle for telling my story.   The process of creating the entire project was difficult,  but the response has justified the work and erased my reluctance to speak of my story.  The complete installation, called “Broken….A Holocaust Memorial in Fused Glass” is presently being shown at the Museum of Ventura County and the response has been amazing.  I find myself on a speaker’s circuit now, sharing this story in many interesting venues, from synagogues and churches, to civic groups, and at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust – even, through SKYPE to a high school class in Australia.  On April 12th, I will be giving a Gallery Talk at the Museum, at which I will talk about the creation of this project and about my story.