Good news from several fronts this month as my work has received recognition from varied sources.

First, I’m thrilled to have had 3 of my works accepted to be published in a lovely catalogue from Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ.  The catalogue is distributed to patrons of their beautiful gallery, and many of my works are not on their website – – as I am to be included as a studio artist at Xanadu.  For now if you go onto their site and click on “artists” you can find me by name, and if you click on “art” you’ll find me under “glass”.  This is terribly exciting for a relative newcomer onto the fused glass scene.  The pieces selected for the catalogue are “Helix Nebula”, “Buniq” and “Blue Moon”, and they are, of course, on my Fine Arts Page of my website, although Helix Nebula has been sold since, and Buniq is currently in a show in the Chicago area.

I’ve also had 5 of my pieces selected to be shown in the 16th Annual “FACES” Juried Online International Art Exhibition.  This exhibition will be on line on September 1st, at    The faces they selected are “Bollywood”, “Buniq”, and 3 from my Picasso Homage series, “Freda”, “Gilla” and “Helena”.  These are all still available, unless “Buniq” doesn’t come home from Illinois.

So…do browse my “Fine Arts” page and see if there might be something you’d like!

Also, I do have the invitations printed already for my annual Studio Open House and Holiday Sale.  This year it will be a 2 day event, on December 5th and 6th so save the date and I’ll get you details later in the fall.

Now, on to more projects, large and small that are lined up and waiting to challenge me.  Can’t wait to get started.

6th Annual “Faces” Juried International Exhibition